What is Occult Science?

The systematic research into occult concepts to bring various gains to mankind is occult science.

Is occult science based on certain methods?

Yes, occult science is based on certain methods which resemble to the natural science researches of the physical world.

Is there division in occult science?

Yes, occult science follows certain rules and regulations, thus there are few certain divisions.

What are parts of occult science?

Tarot, Feng Shui, Palmistry and Numerology are parts of occult science.

Is occult science related to laws of science?

Yes or no, occult science is all about deciphering metaphysical events.

Why some discard the essence of occult science?

Those who cannot interpret supernatural events with the help of commonly accepted laws of science always discard occult science.

How occult science helps you?

Occult science helps by invoking the supreme powers and by deciphering the essence of supernatural events..

Is a guru of any help in dealing with occult science?

Only a guru with successful adoption and practice of the Mysticism and true TANTRA can be helpful in dealing with occult cases.

What must a person do to take benefits of occult practices?

A mind should be pure enough to come in contact with the guru of all gurus residing within you and all of us.