General behavior:

Capricorn (the goat) is the most serious of all the zodiac signs. You are independent and (usually) confident. You have a tendency to criticize yourself too much, which can lead to low self-esteem. Capricorns are dependable, but also extremely cautious. You make a fair, but stubborn leader, and this is a job that you can do well. You are very well organized, so you can handle many projects at once. You may go through horrible mood swings, being friendly one moment and mean the next.

Romantic behavior:

You maintain good relations with members of the opposite sex. You make good and true friends. You are capable of deep and passionate affections. However, in your search for greener pastures, you sometimes switch partners too quickly. Be discreet with the opposite sex as you can face some unpleasant situations.

Important Information on Capricorn

  • Good career choices for you are:
  • Financer
  • Banker
  • Manager
  • Conductor
  • Teacher/principal
  • Real-Estate Broker
  • Capricornians are prone to knee problems, skin breakouts, and digestive problems.
  • Your ruling planet: Saturn.
  • The goat is associated with Capricorn.
  • Your lucky color: brown (and other dark colors).
  • Your lucky gemstone: black onyx.
  • Your lucky numbers : 6, 8 and 9.