Occult Science

Occult science is also known as Hermetic and Esoteric Sciences. Occult science involves Tarot, Reiki, Feng Sui, Palmistry and Numerology. It’s more like a mystery for the selfish educated classes. Many assume this divine science as black magic, which is exactly useless conclusion. It’s basically the science of the secrets of nature. Occult science is a science of physical and psychic, mental and spiritual.

These sciences have always been seen as a mystery despite being present for ages. Even without not appreciated by the selfish educated classes, it is immensely popular among the masses for the accuracy and traditional value.

Very much like the natural science researches or describes event of the physical world, occult science follows the same practice and follows systematic research of occult concepts in similar manner.

Astro Gem Consultation

In Vedic astrology, individuals are recommended gemstones based on their horoscope. As per the rules, gemstones help people to conquer the obstacles in life. There may be numerous problems and issues individuals face in their life due to astrological concern. By wearing a gemstone suggested by a vedic master will swing the fortune in your favour. The art of suggesting people to wear gemstones are also known as Astro Gem Consultation.

There are many consultants who are engaged in Astro Gem Consultation to remove all your personal misery. All desired results are obtained by the energy pattern of a gem. By proper use of Gems, an individual can easily remove all his misery.

Ruby, Red coral, Diamond and Cat’s eye Pearl, Topaz, Blue Sapphire and Gomed are some of the popular gemstones people wear in order to bring happiness and joy. These gems are divided in two groups of Hot and Cold gems, and work as per the individuals and their needs.

Gems work by spectrum effects and radioactive effects to solve mystery and bring joy and wealth for wearer. Negative results have also been reported in cases where the Gems were not selected as per the Horoscope needs. Thus with Astro Gem Consultation, you can have the advantages of gemstones.