What is the opinion of people about Shri Sastry

Since June, 2004, I was suffering from Ortho problem and I was totally bed ridden, unable to move. I treated by various doctors in the hospital. However the were no improvement in my health.

One day, I thought to consult Shri Ram Avtaar Sastry- the well known internationally astro-occult & tantrik and I know him since from last 25 years because of his prediction about Late Smt. Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi.

Now, I feel improvement in y health, I really saw the natural & spiritual power in Shri Ram Avataar Sastry, he can do any impossible work to possible.

Kuldeep Singh Nagi
New Delhi
dt. 25/08/2012

I was suffering from Job problem from the past 6-7 months.

One day, I met & consult with Shri Sastry thru Magazine for my Job problem and now it has been resolved.

I saw the natural & spiritual power in Shri Sastry ji, he can do any thing in possible.

Mona Mathur
New Delhi
dt. 05/11/2010

My niece was suffering from illness & she was treated by various doctors in the hospital since last 7 months but there was no improvement in her health.

One day, I met & consult with Shri Ram Avtaar Sastry thru Internet regarding for my self & my niece problems and he has solve my problems and now my niece got completely fine.

I saw the natural power in Shri Sastry ji, he has can do impossible work to possible.

Ajay Thakkar
New Delhi
dt. 27/04/2010

I met Shri Sastry today. He gave various information’s about my life, my family life and I found all the information’s are absolutely correct and true.

Capt. Prem Lal Nahar (Retd.)
New Delhi
dt. 09/02/2000

I am happy to say that i am in touch for the last 15 to 20 years and have always benefited from expertise of Astro Occult Scientist Shri Sastry.

Anil Sharma
Managing Director
95, Park Lane, Mayfair
London WIY 3TA
Through Mail – dt. 02/02/2000

My personal opinion towards Shri Sastry who is a Indian born renowned personality in the field of Astrology and Occult Science over 20 years, is that during my personal contact with him regarding the solution of my personal & family problems etc. I found that all my problems were solved within 3-4 days with the help of his hard work in Occult Science and the “Siddha Jantras”.

C S Rathor
Advocate (Supreme Court of India)
dt. 30/01/2000

My Father Shri Joginder Singh Bagga was arrested on 22nd Jan, 2000 by Delhi crime branch police. I came to consult Shri Sastry to get guaranteed & sure success to come out from the police / Judicial Custody in the bail application moved in Delhi High Court. Accordingly with the hard effort and spiritual work of Shri Sastry my father released on bail by the order of the Delhi High Court on 25th Jan, 2000.

Karan Bagga
New Delhi
dt. 26/01/2000