General behavior:

Libra (the balance) is said to be the most desired Zodiac Sign. You are charming, good looking, gentle and kind. You are a good judge of character and have many good friends. You do not like it when your decisions are challenged, and are impatient with people who criticize you. You hate people who are cruel to others. Libras enjoy the arts more than science, so a career in the arts would be a good choice. You will understand other people’s views and sympathize with them. A negative Libraian (there aren’t many) flirts and seems shallow. They also are impatient with a daily routine.

Romantic behavior:

Take care in romance as you have a tendency to flirt from one love affair to another. You also have an attraction for the opposite sex but should be careful as you are very emotional, therefore you cannot make difference between good and bad. You are advised to think well before making the first move, because, sometimes your partner may put you in a scandal. Every one of the opposite sexes is not a virtuous, honest and loveable person. Some are cunning and advantage seeking. A beautiful love partner can be paradise for the eyes, hell for the soul and purgatory for the purse.

Important Information on Libra

  • Good career choices for you are:
  • Diplomat
  • Lawyer
  • Civil servant
  • Banker
  • Fashion designer
  • Composer
  • Writer
  • Interior decorator
  • Libraians are prone to kidney problems and a weak back.
  • Your ruling planet: Venus.
  • The Scales of Balance are associated with Libra.
  • Your lucky color: blue.
  • Your lucky gemstone: sapphire.
  • business & finance
  • our lucky numbers : 1, 2 and 7.